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Userloop is an events system. Easily ingest events via the Events API to power visualizations, alarms, workflows, and more. Its time to centralize your teams intelligence.
Events Ingestion
Stream your events to Userloop via the Events API. Userloop provides a general structure for an event, but the data you emit is up to you. Userloop is designed to be flexible and work with any event structure.
Have some events in Userloop? Create dashboards to visualize your data. Userloop provides preset UI components to help you visually construct dashboards. We are always expanding the capabilities of our dashboards.
Looking to trigger workflows? Userloop can help. Workflows are a series of actions that are triggered by events. Workflows can be used to automate tasks, send notifications, or trigger logic specific to your application.
Emitting some mission critical data? Set up alarms to alert you when certain conditions are met. When combined with dashboards, Userloop is a powerful tool for your oncall engineers.